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Charlotte Hageskov


I have known Venera for many years.

Often Venera sees things and events sooner than you have a clue about them and she always says it in a loving and caring manner.

I highly, give yourself the unique opportunity to get intuitive coaching from Venera,

Jihad M¨nasria



Birger Tannebæk Christiansen, Technical consultant


I have had Venera as a personal fitness trainer for 6 years, She helps me to keep my body fit, where as a consultant I

don't use much muscles at office work and from a lot of driving. As a supplement to the weight training, Venera gives extra scope with stretching and meditation. And also with regular massage, Venera helping my office body for the past 2 years. Her massage provides well-being in both body and soul. The massage therapy is a good habit to get, and I can only recommend Venera's therapy and training. 



I heard so much praise about Venera and her work. I knew very little of her but I trusted the opinion of the people who told me about their experience with her and how she has helped them.

At the time I was travelling and I knew she was leaving quite soon, thanks to modern technology and wifi on the flight. I was able to connect with her and book my appointment. The only appointment that was going to work was just a few hours after I landed.

When we began our session Venera did not ask me for any information about myself or what I would like she went straight to work with my body. What was very interesting is I normally do not find it easy to dose off yet during her work I reached a very relaxed state of mind. As she ended her session we sat and talked and what was truly magical was she knew about my body’s life journey all my ups and downs as if she had a conversation with my body and energy where she actually listened quite closely to what it had to say. This helped me understand myself in a different perspective and allowed me to accept and embrace myself. It was an unforgettable experience, and I truly cant wait till my next session with her.

Vanessa Arnold


"Venera's wellness massage was a real gift. By the end I was so blissful that I wanted to stay on her massage table forever. Twelve days later, I'm still deeply peaceful."

Julia Køllner


An amazing experience and the pain has disappeared.

I have known Venera for many years because of our children who attend school together. We did not know that she can heal, do massages and has intuition. She never told me or others about it until one day when I complained to her about my lower back pain. I had a lot of pain that day, and it has been going on for approx. 7 years since I gave birth to my child. The pain in my low back would not go away. For the past several years I have tried several massages, yoga and been with doctors. By exercising and exercising, I hoped that my pain would disappear.

Venera's treatment takes place while hearing beautiful music that opens one's senses. There is no doubt that she gives you good energy through therapy, which gives you well-being and balance in the body and not least you learn a lot about yourself through her session. It has been an unforgettable experience and I am still thinking about what happened though? Treatment at Venera makes you think about what we need to do to create a better balance and a better life.

Now it has been over a month and the pain is still gone and I have gained more energy and faith in a good life without pain.

Sessions on line testimonial


Saudi Arabia

A friend of mine recommended that I talk to Venera when I was feeling the urge to tackle into an unexplored aspect of myself and my journey.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit hesitant at first because we got used to the habit of toning down the voices that don't resonate with what society has constructed to us a norm.

My session with Venera was a positive and powerful one, it helped me regain direction in prioritizing what is truly of an essence to my soul. It helped me connect with my past and made me confident to trust what is coming, and trust the unknown. I've learnt a lot, and most of what I learnt came because Venera guided me to take a deeper look within and to stop, and breath, and simply believe.



I am very grateful that I was able to have an online session with Venera. Her insights are uplifting and eye-opening experiences. The process was simple to follow and still proved effective.

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